Ushidoki Wagyu Kaiseki

Ushidoki Wagyu Kaiseki

Ushidoki Wagyu Kaiseki, a 26 seats Wagyu centric Japanese restaurant located at Tras Street,Singapore. Enveloped by ambient lighting and neutral tones in different textures with rustic exposed brick walls and sakura woods tables. With the limited seating, Chef will be able to interact with the diners, sharing with them the inspiration behind each dish.

The Kaiseki Chef, Hirohashi Nobuaki developed his own kaiseki menu structure. During the meal, diners can look forward to have a “Tongue to Tail” experience in the whole Wagyu course menu by using Ozaki beef from Miyazaki Prefecture. Ozaki beef is refers to the Wagyu cattle raised in the farm that owned by Mr. Muneharu Ozaki. He is also the only farmer in Japan that actually markets his own beef by using his name.

Most types of Wagyu in Japan usually slaughtered at around 28 months. However, Mr.Ozaki believes that the flavor continues to improve as they become mature. So he slaughtered them at 32-36 months. Ozaki beef is fed controlled diet in the last 2 months of its life, so it is not as fat as other Wagyu but yet flavorsome which you can eat an entire slab of beef without getting overwhelmed by its richness.

Chef: Hirohashi Nobuaki

Event Information: A Wagyu Kaiseki Dinner with the wines of Elderton