Team from TFS Private Works

Team from TFS Private Works

Angelina Leong

As the head honcho behind casual Japanese diner, The Flying Squirrel and omakase-tapas bar, TFS Private Works, it’s easy for one to assume that Leong has been formally trained for years on end. However, in reality, after cutting her teeth in several industries, from service & hospitality to finance, The Flying Squirrel was borne out of her passion for Japanese cuisine and quality beverages.

Initially learning mostly by experience and experiments, she went on to study sushi at the Tokyo Sushi Academy in Singapore, and is now the first female sushi chef to be accredited by the AJSA (All Japan Sushi Association). Complementing her qualifications in sushi, she is also a certified sake sommelier, all this while running The Flying Squirrel. Together with her team of chefs, she personally curates the menu at both outlets (and plays chef at TFS’ Secret Supper Club), offering diners a taste of her life experiences, through food and drink.

Chef Jun Chen

Despite his youthful looks, Chef Chen works with a maturity and precision that belies his age. Pursuing his passion for the culinary arts, he started as a junior chef at various Western & Japanese restaurants in Australia and Malaysia, upon graduating in Hospitality and Tourism Management from Universite de Toulouse Le Mirail (France). After a stint in Hide Yamamoto at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, he joined The Flying Squirrel in 2015 and now heads the sushi and sashimi section at TFS Private Works.

When it comes to sushi, Chef Chen learned to balance his passion for food, his education as a chef and his own aspirations, to deliver consistency and quality. Such characteristics enabled him to be a finalist in the prestigious Global Sushi Challenge 2015. With a touch of his own creativity, having a meticulous eye for presentation, he hopes that patrons will be enamoured by the sushi, sashimi, makis and omakase courses he designs and delivers, along with the aesthetic value his dishes bring.


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