With the introduction of mass conveyer belt sushi bars and counters around the world, there is now an international audience primed to indulge in the pleasure of an authentic edomae sushi experience. Sushi has been part of the Japanese culture since the 8th century, and its high-end master practitioners have continued an unbroken progression of refinement and innovation upon traditional techniques since that time, showcasing the world’s highest quality fish and ingredients.

In partnership with Japanese cuisine specialist Hanachiyo, Emmanuel Stroobant Group Luxury Collection launches Shoukouwa Sushi Restaurant, the only Japanese restaurant
in Singapore being awarded 2 Michelin Stars in 2016.

The master chefs at Shoukouwa all hail from strong traditions and backgrounds, having spent years honing their craft at famous restaurants around Japan. They have been busy testing the freshest produce sent directly from Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji Market daily to ensure the best sushi experience, taking into account the taste profile of each slice of fish. The sushi presented by the master chefs will be a complete taste in a morsel to be eaten as-is – diners won’t be dipping these sushi into any more soya sauce and wasabi.

To preserve the integrity of the freshest artisanal ingredients, Shoukouwa will only seat eight persons at the main sushi bar, with up to six persons in the private dining room.
This will ensure that the chefs will prepare and assemble the sushi and individual dishes right in front of the diners without allowing for the food to sit and be exposed to the environment.

Event Information: Traditional Edomae Sushi Dinner featuring Yamazaki Whiskies