Chef Yohhei Sasaki

Chef Yohhei Sasaki

Chef Yohhei Sasaki, a passionate and meticulous Japanese Chef, is classically trained in the art of Italian cuisine from his years of working in top Italian restaurants in Japan. Holding fast to his strong belief of always learning and improving, Chef Sasaki travelled to Italy to be trained in the top Michelin-starred Italian restaurants throughout the country, progressing in statue through the years.
With a tangible zest for life and cooking, Chef Sasaki’s talent and drive eventually led him to take the helm at Italian restaurant Forlino, serving up contemporary Italian cuisine perfected by his own unique Japanese flair.
His cooking philosophy is always to serve the dish that most pleases his customer, as he draws satisfaction from the happy faces of those who eat his food. His delectable menu, coupled with the spectacular view of the Bay at Forlino, completes the presentation of a culinary experience not to be missed.