Chef Koichiro Oshino

Chef Koichiro Oshino

Like Executive Chef Shinji Kanesaka, Master Chef Koichiro Oshino is a visionary who has devoted his life to mastering his art.Chef Oshino’s calling has led him from the prime streets of Ginza to the heart of the Netherlands where he spent 3 years as sushi chef at Yamazato in Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

Now in Singapore, Chef Oshino is no stranger to his role as culinary ambassador and shares Chef Kanesaka’s sushi-do philosophy – to stage their artistry beyond the shores of their native homeland while staying true to its origins.

At Shinji by Kanesaka, Chef Oshino takes his stewardship very seriously and has cultivated a profound, poetic approach to what he does. Every encounter is greatly valued and cherished for the beauty of its transcience.

(一期一会 / One chance in a lifetime)

In harmony with his motto, it is Chef Oshino and his team who will bring the magic of the Kanesaka experience to the table.

Restaurant: Shinji by Kanesaka